Authentication is not required to access public review data - all you need is the unique company ID assigned to the business. Private review data on the other hand requires an API key and appropriate permissions.

Our public review data is available to all, and has been filtered/restricted so that only the necessary publicly visible fields are returned in the API response. When using our public review data you must attribute Working Feedback as the providing source.

The basic steps to obtain public review data for your application to consume are:

  • 1

    Construct a GET request to our dedicated endpoint

    Get your application ready to create a GET request to the Public Review Data endpoint. PHP users can take advantage of cURL for this purpose, whilst .NET users can use the System.Web.HttpRequest class. The endpoint is accessible at[UNIQUE_ID]/widget-data/.
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    Execute the request and check the return status

    Your application should evaluate both the HTTP status code and the returned JSON to determine whether or not the request was successful.

If you do not know the unique company ID for the business that you wish to obtain data for, please contact Working Feedback or check in your account dashboard - it is the number in brackets at the end of your company name.


Complete list of returned data

The below list shows the data structures that this endpoint will return. All data is returned in JSON format. Examples are provided at the bottom of this page.

Property Optional Description
reviews no A array consisting of one or more PublicReview objects as described below. Your application can iterate over this array to retrieve the full list of public reviews.
stats no A container for totalReviews and averageRating, which are both integer types used to represent the total number of reviews on the Working Feedback platform, and the star rating that has been attributed overall. See the examples at the bottom of the page for more information.


PublicReview object properties

The below list shows the available properties for each PublicReview object in the return JSON response. Take note that optional fields may not always be present in the response, and your application should handle any missing properties gracefully.

Property Optional Description
reviewID no The unique ID assigned to this review. This is a static ID that will never change.
authorName no The name of the person who wrote this review. Alternatively, if the user chose to remain Anonymous then the wording "Anonymous" may be returned instead.
starRating no An integer value between 1 and 5 representing the star rating that has been computed for this review.
title no The title of the review. Where no title was provided by the review author, the wording "Untitled Review" will be returned instead.
attributionLogo no An absolute URL containing the path to the logo that should be used when attributing this review to it's source. Note that you are only required to attribute the review to the provider (i.e Working Feedback), providing a logo utilising the image URL in this field is optional.
attributionLink no An absolute URL that you should use to attribute the review to it's source. The URL reflects where the original review has been published on the internet.
comment no The actual text comment comprising the review itself. You should maintain the formatting provided in this field when displaying the review publicly, by converting the newline character to an HTML <br> if necessary.
datePublished no A human readable representation of when this review was originally published (for example "1 day ago"). You can opt to use this date or alternatively convert the absolute date from the dateSort property.
dateSort no A date in Y-m-d format repesenting when this review was originally published (for example "2019-01-01"). All reviews are returned in order of most recent first.
hasReply no An integer value - either 1 or 0 - dictating whether or not this review has been replied to by the business. If it has, the reply container will also be populated in the response (see below).
reply yes A container object comprising the comment property, which is a UTF-8 encoded string type containing the text of the reply that the business gave to this review author.


Return Values

This endpoint returns a selection of HTTP status codes depending on the result of the calling request.

Code Meaning
200 The request was successful. You should check the resulting JSON document to see if the review array has been populated.
403 Your IP address has been rate limited by our server for sending too many unauthenticated API requests within a short time window. Wait a few seconds before submitting the request again to obtain a valid response.


Example JSON response

An example of a valid response is shown below for reference purposes.


	"reviews": [
      "reviewID": 1271875,
      "authorName": "Anonymous",
      "starRating": 5,
      "title": "Working Feedback",
      "attributionLogo": "https:\/\/\/web-features\/assets\/source-wf-icon.png",
      "attributionLink": "https:\/\/\/\/1271875",
      "comment": "We have been very pleased with our use of Working Feedback in our business. It is an easy and straightforward way to get that all important feedback from our customers.",
      "datePublished": "1 day ago",
      "dateSort": "2019-01-03",
      "hasReply": 0
      "reviewID": 1270342,
      "authorName": "Alison F",
      "starRating": 4,
      "title": "Time consuming",
      "attributionLogo": "https:\/\/\/web-features\/assets\/source-wf-icon.png",
      "attributionLink": "https:\/\/\/\/1270342",
      "comment": "Staff at Working Feedback are always helpful.",
      "datePublished": "1 day ago",
      "dateSort": "2019-01-03",
      "hasReply": 1,
      "reply": {
        "comment": "Thank you so much for your review.
\nPhilip Molden, Operations Director." }], "stats": { "totalReviews": 158, "averageRating": 5 } }